When is It Time to Replace Your Gutters?

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Every day, your gutters put in lots of work to ensure your home stays nice and dry. Well-maintained gutters will function well and go a long way toward protecting your home from water damage. However, even high-quality and properly maintained gutters won’t last forever. You must know what signs to look for to know when to replace your gutters.

When is It Time to Replace Your Gutters?

1. Cracks and Visible Damage – Over time, your gutters may show signs of damage and have cracks in the corners. These cracks can allow leaks and prevent your gutters from doing their job. Individual cracks may be able to be repaired; however, more significant and extensive cracking may lead to replacement.

2. Peeling Paint –You may not realize this, but malfunctioning gutters can ruin the paint on your house or siding. If the paint has started to peel or is bubbling, it may have been caused by water damage from leaky gutters.

3. Rotting – Another sign that your gutters are no longer working optimally is if the drywall or wood on your home is starting to rot. This signifies that water is running along your house, rather than being directed away from your home.

4. Water Damage or Water Marks – The most evident indicator that your gutters are no longer serving your home is when water damage or water marks appear directly below the gutters. This water problem will damage the soffit and fascia board, so it is essential to replace your gutters as soon as possible to prevent further damage.